It’s been a hot minute since I last posted anything BUT I have an excuse perfectly good reason. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and I’ve been trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends surrounding it because when this launches I want it to be every bit as raw and real and incredible as I’ve been envisioning it for the past 2 months.

I started blogging because I needed a space where I didn’t feel restricted when it came to voicing my opinions and sharing my emotions and I found that, I found this amazing community of people who’ve changed my perspective about and opened my eyes to a lot of things.

I’m a better person because of those people.

From the very beginning, mental health was always something I wanted to talk about because it’s something very close to my heart and something I’ve struggled with for a very long time. Right from the get go I told myself that someday I would talk about my own issues, that, I would do it regardless of what anybody else thought because it needs to talked about. It’s something millions, if not billions of people struggle with and there’s still such a lack of understanding and awareness and of course, a stigma surrounding it.

Friday 6PM

~A series coming out in 2019 where I interview people~

We talk about things like identity, self care, loneliness, therapy, disability, high school experiences, stress, bullying, toxic relationships, friends, anxiety, depression, body image, middle school, self love and their lives(goals, who they are etc.)- that and pretty much anything else you can think of related to mental health or life

The goal, I would say, is to talk about the things that matter to us, to have a place where it’s okay to start a conversation and you don’t have to tiptoe around a subject. I can’t possibly do this alone though so, if you could:

a) Comment the name and links of someone you’d like me to interview, this can be anyone (that includes you)


b) Ask a question, about one of the above topics or any other question you want answered in the comments

it would mean a whole lot


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Chatty update (again!)


!!Trigger Warning!!

I honestly feel like I haven’t really sat down and just blurted stuff out in ages, which is why today you’re getting yet another chatty update. The past few months have been hectic and such a blur and I genuinely don’t think that’ll be settling down anytime soon.

I haven’t really shared anything that I really and truly was proud of this year apart from a few posts, boy talk, of course being one of the posts I’m majorly proud of, but I really and truly haven’t felt like a good blogger in a while because I couldn’t bring myself to write as much as I used to. In saying that I don’t mean putting out a million posts a week, I mean that, the posts I did write were incredibly short and I have never in my life written a long post, apart from my Get To Know Me|Q+A|REFLECT WITH ME, but the posts were incredibly short and it annoyed me to bits but at the same time it was the best I could’ve given you all in the head space I was in. And don’t ask what type of head space it was coz I still have no clue. The past 8 or so months have honestly been such a rollercoaster and I feel like my writing was definitely a reflection of that and it’s always been really obvious how many times my mood changed as you were reading one post but honestly, I was just… such a mess.

To quickly summarize the past few months of 2018, so you understand a bit more about what was going on, I’ll start with January, I guess.

I started the year off in Australia on holiday and because I couldn’t get a flight back home sooner, I ended up going to high school two weeks later than everyone else. I was in boarding school for the first 3 months of the year and it was a really traumatic experience for me. I was severely depressed and suicidal and I went though long periods of dissociation and it got to this point where, I pretty much, just stopped talking. I didn’t try in school at all, I couldn’t have cared less about doing my homework or doing classwork or paying attention in class and it was really scary to say the least.

April came around and after having a major breakdown at my boarding school at around 10pm, the school called my Mum. I’m not going to go into much detail because the last thing I want is to trigger anyone but I was scared for my life and I was absolutely hysterical, which is understandable given the situation. My Mum ended up having to come fetch me at around midnight and about 5 days later I was booked into rehab for numerous things but self-harm being the main one.

Around this time in April I didn’t really post anything because I didn’t have my phone and I was very much focused on learning to manage… life, I guess. I was put on medication and the suicidal thoughts went away and I began to talk again, thanks to all the lovely people I met in rehab who helped me learn to love myself again and helped me find confidence again, I still have a really hard time talking to people but it’s definitely a lot better now than it was.

I got out of rehab and one of the first things I did was write a letter. It was a letter for someone who had broken my heart multiple times and I still cared and still do care about quite a friggen lot actually. It was definitely one of the longest things I have ever written, anyway, I sent it off and long story short I sent it off to this person and ended up shattered again, not because this person did anything wrong but because I felt like I had made a huge mistake and I relapsed.

The next few months after that were very… confusing. I had no idea what I was doing with my life and it was just really frustrating. I started Klexos during this time (my other blog), it was this blank canvas that I could make a mess of, and I did, because nothing I felt like saying seemed good enough for this blog at the time.

We’re just gonna fast forward to today, what’s already happened, and what I think is happening and because tbh when am I actually ever certain of anything?

-I moved countries (this happened like 3 weeks ago and I thought was on holiday but nope)

-That means I’m starting at a new school with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT curriculum and might possibly have to redo Grade 8 (I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet)

-I’ve just discovered that I can write as much as I used to (and that feels fantastic!)

-I’m capable of making friends (after the whole boarding school experience I was really unsure of the possibility of me ever making deep connections with people, something I’ve always struggled with but, even more so after that HOWEVER lately I’ve been talking to some people and they’ve become really special to me and I’m not completely hopeless in the friends department after all)

-I wanna bring back Girlboss/ Guyboss but have it be completely updated and different just AMAZING

-I wanna share more writing on here (you can now go check all of my poems in the writing section at the top of the home page)


That’s about it for this post really, I hope you enjoyed it! It was really just one of things I needed to put down in physical form, lol this is an online platform but nvm you get the point. Love you loads!!!


You are limitless

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Okay so first up: I was nominated by a beautiful potato who’s humor almost killed me so thank you because that literally made my day.

You can find her blog down below and it would make me so happy if you commented something meaningful on her latest post.



If any of you heard Laurel, I’m disappointed in you. Like how in de name of ice-cream does that sound anything like Laurel. I’m going to leave the links to some ear doctor’s down below coz y’all need help.

franchesca ramsey wow GIF by chescaleigh

Disclaimer:I’m kiddingggggggggg.Not really2.WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING ONE OF YOUR TEACHER’S HAS DONE?

a) Forced us to dance on the tables and show off the cringiest dance moves we knew

b) Forced us to sing after a few of us lost things on tour. If you lost something you had to sing in front of the whole grade 7 class.This guy in my grade had a flashlight identical to mine and I freaked out coz I thought it was mine. Fun fact about me:My friend’s say I’m a good singer, I am sometimes but I lose every single bit of talent when I’m nervous so I flopped singing in front of my entire grade and class. Turns out the flashlight wasn’t mine and I had completely embarrassed myself

c) Called me Mrs… My crush was in my class and somehow the whole school knew I liked him and when my class rocked up to the teacher’s class she called me by his surname and I answered before my brain registered it.


Most of you already know that I’m in love with quotes but the dumbest one in the entire universe has got to be “Well, life isn’t fair.” Like hello, do you think I would be in trouble and having to hear that pointless quote if it was fair. And I always get in trouble because of this quote because instead of me replying I do this:

tyra banks wtf GIF   tyra banks wtf GIF   tyra banks wtf GIF


So, this is super embarrassing and totally cringey but, the dumbest way I’ve been injured is stretching. My friend and I were in the gym and she was stretching her leg and she pulled a muscle and I asked her what happened and she was like “All I did was…” and then me being me discarded the bit about her pulling a muscle from doing it and did it. I couldn’t walk for TWO DAYS!Because I’m me I couldn’t just include one event so here’s the next dumb thing I’ve done. I ran into a wall.


i see you wteq GIF by chescaleigh

I was three years old and it was Christmas time. My cousins and I decided to play touches in the house. Naturally the adults told us we would get hurt but did we listen, I mean at first my cousins kinda did, but then I was like nahhh they being extra besides the point, we were running in the house. And I was being chased and I turned around to look at where my cousin was and I did something similar to the GIF down below.

tv land running GIF by YoungerTV

Except there was blood and a gigantic gash in my head and loads of tears, I still have the scar.


So I took a quiz…



So because I was lied to by a website I took another quiz.

Can I please just say I look absolutely NOTHING like Emma Watson!!

So I took another quiz…

Image result for selena gomez

So the internet is a lie. *rolls eyes and slams door angrily* (She wanted Jessica Capshaw)

But it’s fine *sighs dramatically* I’ll just pretend I have the ability to sing *wipes fake tear away*.


So it was the last day of term last year and naturally my friends and I brought tons of unhealthy food to eat. So we were sitting down laughing, talking about boys, the usual. And my friend pulls out a packet of Oreos and she gives everyone except me and I whined and threw a hissy fit (I was joking) and I pretended to be upset and walk away. 10 seconds later I walk back to the group and get given an Oreo I devour it in one mouthful and then my friend does the meanest thing ever. She tells me she spat in the Oreo. I died inside. And my friends laughed at me like the wonderful savages they are.


My day’s been like a 3 so far because I’m tired af and I’m too lazy to make myself something to eat and I’m hungry. But it’s been kinda fun at the same time because I’ve been writing this lovely post about the cringiness that is my life.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven’t checked out Bayyy’s Real Neat Blog Award. It’s worth it so go read it!

I nominate



Grl Behind Screen


  • Chocolate flavoured poop or poop flavoured chocolate (I know I’m evil)?
  • What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a kid do?
  • What’s the most useless product around today?
  • Would you rather have skin that changes colour based on your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body that depict what you did yesterday?
  • What’s something weird you recommend people do at least once?
  • What is something people are obsessed with but you don’t understand?


How rare and beautiful you are


A letter to a little girl before she got help

Dear Chips

I know it’s hard. And I know you feel like giving up but my darling, don’t. I know that you feel like nobody understands you but there will come a time a few months from now when you get the help you need and the help you deserve.

A lot of people will complain about your behaviour and I know for a fact that you really don’t care about it and for that I am truly proud of you because those people are wrong.

And even though you’ve gotten into tons of trouble these past 5 years and you’ve been hurt a lot and you constantly feel like you’re drowning baby girl believe me when I say the things that were keeping you down all this time will not go away. You have the strength and you have always had the strength to fight them off,baby girl believe me when I say your pain will fuel the passion and the fire inside you.

You are the whole damn fire.You will always and always have been nothing but the whole damn fire.

Do not mistake the glint in my eyes for sparks. I am the whole damn fire

-Adria T Petrov

You will meet people who make you sad and you will meet people who make you happy. You will meet an amazing guy and he’s going to be your best friend for a very long time, you’re going to fall in love and it’s going to be one of the best things that’ll ever happen to you. It’s going to teach you how to be humble and patient and kind and have empathy it’s not going to be all smiles but it’s worth it in the end. You’re going to put a guy on a pedestal and after a few years you’re going to realise that you have to be your own everything and you’re going to make that happen.

You will fall in love again, this time with writing and art and that bond you have, I think, is unbreakable. You will become part of a community full of loving, kind people and you’ll get told that your depressing poetry should be in a book.

There will be bucketloads of drama and tears and confusing emotions and despite what people say the choices you make are not stupid or ruining your life in any way because even though you still have a long way to go,today is the happiest you’ve been in months.

You’ve been through so much but you’ve tried and still are today trying to be a rolemodel and despite everything and all the mistakes you make and will continue to make , you are an inspiration and not just to the amazing people who read Seventeen Wishes but to me as well.

To the lost little girl that was me. You are the badassiest,bravest, most beautifully fierce individual in the whole damn world.

Start believing it.

Something will grow through what you are going through and it will be you.


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Displaying image1-3.JPG

PS:Sorry this is so late.

Who else missed GIRLBOSS//GUYBOSS❤ As we all know(I think😂) every month (and I say every very lightly😂) I do a post called Girlboss/Guyboss.


Now let’s get into this post😄It’s March and we all know what that means: *remembers the time she had to schedule her posts but used to watch Netflix*

This is the first Girlboss/Guyboss post of the year and it deserves someone incredibly special and extraordinary which is why February’s Girlboss is none other than Chloe from Midnight Wanderer

So I’ve been binge-reading Chloe’s posts for a while and stalking looking at her Instagram😄And she writes LIKE YOU CANNOT IMAGINE, like,she was one of the first bloggers I followed and this was when my blog was just starting out and I look up to her so much❤But that’s enough of my endless chatter, here’s the stuff you actually want:

1.If you could jump into a pool of something what would it be?

sdokpkNDBHSDISIIJSOJSDODJODJDIDHUDDUDUDGYDYYYSYGSUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIaThis is an interesting one, the first thing that came into my head was a pool of glitter – because who doesn’t love that? Not sure how I’d feel about trying to get it all out of my hair afterwards though! I’d probably be a bit sparkly for a few days afterwards…

2.What inspired you to start blogging?

I was never really into the whole blogger community thing so there was never a specific person I looked at and thought wow, I want to start a blog because of them. I was more inspired by writers and people like Tia Henricks, Em Mercury etc. to create a platform where I could share my thoughts, feelings and interact with other like-minded people. So I’d say those were the people who inspired me to blog. In terms of what inspired me to blog, I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, feelings and hopefully inspire and be inspired, I had a lot of things to say but nowhere to say it – there were a lot of stories I wanted to tell, a lot of memories I wanted to share and a lot of magic I wanted to create. I wanted to make something that I could share with others and show people like, look at what I did! I wanted to start something new and to start something for myself so, here I am.

3.What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured (try to top walking into a wall😂)? Honestly I’m probably the clumsiest person out there (I was walking backwards down a hill talking to some friends and fell straight into a dustbin once), but there are 2 things that came into mind when I read this question (thankfully they’re not recent events and only happened when I was younger) though I’m only going to mention one since the other is literally so bad, but basically I fell off the top of a slide and literally the whole of the left side of my face grazed off…meaning I was walking around for weeks where half of my face was just one big giant scab. Never have I wanted to walk round with a paper bag over my head so much.

4.What is something people would never guess about you?

Hmmm, maybe that I have a few tattoos & I’m basically obsessed with them & planning to get a load more?? I don’t look like your typical person who would have tattoos and people always seem a little surprised when they see them on me, so maybe that!

5.Finish the sentence: When I grow up I want to be_____________

HAPPY. Cliche I know, but if I’m happy then literally nothing else matters – I want to be free.

6.Who is your spirit animal?

Oh wow, the amount of times I’ve said this and suddenly I can’t think of a single person hahaha. If we’re talking about people then probably Chrissy Teigen, if we’re talking about actual animals then a sloth (or the dog with a blog – seems kinda fitting)…

7.Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why??

Stranger Things forever!! It’s literally my favourite TV show in the world, those kids are just my favourite people on Earth I swear. As for 13 Reasons Why, I literally can’t stand it and think it’s the worst thing to have ever been aired on TV – I’m not even sure how it got to that stage!!

8.What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

My dog My blog (ha)

My journal

My phone (to talk to everyone)

and my car, else I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere!

9.What is your biggest fear?

Watching someone I love slowly lose interest in me.

10.Would you rather have unlimited Tacos for life or unlimited Sushi for life😂?

I actually don’t like sushi and I’m not that much of a fan of tacos either, but I’ll have to go with the latter on this one!

11.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll be 30 in 10 years (jeez) so my biggest goal is to have started a family by then – I literally can’t wait to be a Mum.

11.If one animal was made the size of an elephant which would be the scariest😥😥
😥 Some kind of insect because those things are literally the creepiest in minuscule size, let alone elephant size! I feel like a crab would be terrifying since some photos came out recently of literal killer crabs and they were HUGE. Honestly the freakiest things ever.
12.What would be the worst movie sequel ever made😂😂?
Can I say a sequel to 13 Reasons Why?

13.What cheesy song do you know by heart🎤 Ooh, I know lots! Probably anything S Club, though I’m definitely not afraid to admit I still love them!

14.Whats a weird but delicious food combination you’re obsessed with

Cucumber on toast…weird, I know.

15.This one has to do with food as well because… you know, FOOD ! What would be the worst ingredient to fill a burrito with?
Either fish or mushrooms – or both!! I literally couldn’t think of anything worse.

Don’t forget to head over to Chloe’s blog for all her amazing content 💜💜

“Do something amazing”




So this is a very interesting post for me as I’ve never gone into much detail about how exactly I blog.There might possibly be a post about that later-this is not it.Today’s post is about all my MUST-HAVES when it comes to blogging. I came across a post like this when I was still very new to the blogosphere and it saved me!!!

It didn’t however teach me that it’s gramatically incorrect to put three exclamation at the end of a sentence😂

These are the things I live by they saved me and hopefully they’ll save you too



So I have the HP 250 G5 Notebook and I adore this baby with all my heart! So I type all my posts onto my laptop and then add images and emoji’s on my phone. I would love to get a Mac someday, but for now my HP is perfect for blogging,planning and school.

This is is probably one of the most important things I own.90% of all my blogging apps are on here  and I would probably get a lot more done if it wasn’t constantly in need of charging😂. I have the iPhone 6 in silver and honestly I love the camera on it so much,it’s just as good as my camera.And I just love the fact that I could manage my entire blog from my phone if I wanted to!

CAMERA For any newbies (lol, who am I to talk?) I just want to make it very clear that you do not need a fancy, expensive camera to take amazing photos. To be fair I only started taking photos recently, but a phone, like I said above, is just as good as a camera. For any of you wondering, I have the Canon Powershot SX60 HS, it’s quite fancy for a beginner but I got it at a great price and even after four days my photography has improved majorly!



Screenshot 2018-01-09 07.21.53.png

So before I figured out that there were apps and websites that could make graphics I was lost. And then I heard of Canva, and my life changed forever. Seriously, I use Canva for EVERYTHING. It even has a template for Instagram stories:#LIFE

the west wing hashtag GIF


I’ve been using Pinterest since 2013, I am just as madly in love with it now as I was back then. I use it to find inspiration and market my own posts, you can find literally ANYTHING on here!


These are my go-to websites for stock images. These websites have extremely high quality photos and they’re free, so what’s not to love?


Ahhh, the world of GIFS *smiles longingly into the distance*




Google has saved my life more times than I can count. From Urban Dictionary to Power Thesaurus to googling different things until my blog came up.Honestly so useful if I don’t understand words, or if I’m feeling pretentious and wanna use big words.


My Gmail is the biggest mess ever! Which is why I decided to get an organising app for my email so I use Polymail as well. And as soon as I see emails flying in I scroll through them and delete all the ones that don’t interest me or anything I know I won’t read. Recently though, I’ve started making folders just because I feel like that’ll  help sort out the mountain of emails I keep getting sent.


There was a point in my life where I would use Evernote everyday,but I don’t really use it anymore and just keep it around because it has a few blog post ideas and other bits and bobs that are important and are things I can’t be bothered to move. This app is amazing if you want to organise your life, there’s a voice note feature so you can even record your thoughts and ideas on-the-go.You can doodle and make to-do lists, add images and attachments: it really is the best organising app out there!


Over the past few years I’ve bought countless planners, and notebooks in an attempt to be more organised. I used some of them for a few weeks before I got bored or I stopped because I missed a few months and hated seeing the many blank spaces in my planners. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that when you decide to use a planner, the most important thing is your system.

So my system focuses on reminding me of my goals and making sure I know that the tasks I see as pointless, are actually going to get me closer to achieving them.

**PS: For everyone who wanted to see a ‘How I organise my planner’ post, I’m waiting until school starts to write that because since I’m on holiday there’s not much I really need to do.


So I started using Powerpoint about a week ago to help me plan out all my blog posts and figure out  when I want to post. I literally just made a calendar and filled in blog posts I want to do and I feel like having it on Powerpoint is so much better than having it on Google Calendar (but that might just be my opinion because my life used to revolve around Google Calendar until I started hating it).




Without a doubt this is my favourite editing app ever!MY LITERAL BAE! I use this to edit my blog and Instagram and the Dusty filter has changed me in ways I cannot even begin to explain.🙌



So I joined Twitter sometime last year, it’s probably one of my favourite apps next to Instagram or Pinterest! This is where I ask about the type of posts you’d like to see and share all my posts but it’s also a lot more insightful about my life than any of my Insta Stories, like you can tell exactly how I’m feeling just by looking at the type of posts I’ve been liking recently,overall this is probably one of the most used apps on my phone and my absolute favourite.


So I have two Instagram accounts:

One for my blog

One for me

Either way, I spend a LOT more time on here than I should.


This app has honestly, changed my Instagram for the better. I can visually plan,schedule or draft any photos I want to upload PLUS I can manage my stories as well! Honestly, this app is just so amazing!


This app has brought in so many new followers, shoutout to my Bloglovin’ Babes  ✌🏽. I don’t use the app as  much as I should but I have been starting to use it a lot more in the past few weeks and I’m seeing a huge diference!


This one is pretty obvious, for those of you who don’t know I blog on WordPress. I tried out Wix for a bit but I wasn’t liking it and I decided to switch back. Honestly I don’t think there’s a better blogging platform out there than WordPress. All in all it’s up to you but I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND WordPress.


This is yet another app I use for my photos, I don’t really use the app for anything over than to give my posts a white background but there are some really cool features I’ve been meaning to use. The only downside I can think of is the ads that constantly pop up because I don’t have Instasize Premium, other than that it’s a great app


If Pinterest had a baby it would be We Heart It😂. It’s my inspiration go to and (kinda random) but it’s the reason I’m learning Spanish. And you probably don’t care about that but We Heart It is phenomenal so you guys should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

So I know this post was kinda long, but I hope this helped any new bloggers or just anyone in general. I love you guys so so much and you mean the world to me❤️


No impidas que se vaya pero haz que se arrepienta


Blogmas Day 1:

We’re starting off Blogmas with….


But, like, Christmas edition. You can leave your answers below if you wanna share with the fam, but, like, yeah: Let’s get started!

Damn, just when I thought I had the intro thing nailed.

Would you rather…




-Well… I’ve never actually tasted eggnog and I think I would kind of hate myself for chugging something I found gross but with the Santa’s lap for an hour thing, I get bored, really quickly. And kicking Santa wouldn’t exactly put me on the nice list so, I’m gonna have to go with Eggnog!





-I actually find this one really funny because today, right before my mum left for her baking class I asked her to bring me some gingerbread men and women and they are absolutely DELICIOUS! With the tree thing, I’m a vegetarian because of my love for the environment and I hate the idea (and yes, I know it sounds stupid) of trees being in pain. Sooo, this is a hard one but I’m going with the cookies.





-ANTLERS ALL THE WAY! Do you people have any idea how itchy, a beard must be! Let alone a beard, that full and luscious and long. I don’t do beards, soz.  





-The song thing is a bit like the Star Wars thing for me, like if I could have that song I’d be down for dat! 




-Dudeee, I would rather reach in and find sweets, thank, you, very, much!





TINSEL!!!It’s so much fun to play with,plus I could wack people in the face…





-Tbh, I hate both of them but if I had to choose I would go with the candy canes because you can throw them at people and it won’t knock them out. Hehehe





-Guyysss who wouldn’t want a cute little red nose.




-UHH… DUH-Home Alone. I know it sounds weird, lol, most things I say sound weird, but the thought of a bunch of thieves in my house with me playing tricks on them kinda appeals to me…

As always…


Dear Santa, I can explain…



THIS IS MY SECOND NOMINATION FOR SOMETHING!!! And I was nominated by a friend best friend of mine Lena and I love her so much and she’s super funny and she gets my weirdness and I love her!And I’ve said that twice, so I’ll say this now: Her blog is PHENOMENAL and you NEED to follow her!

The Rules:

  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of ideas to new blogger
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Select fifteen or fewer other bloggers you want to give this award to


SO, because I’m lazy I’m just gonna leave a link to the post:Genesis//The Story Behind Seventeen Wishes. And then I’m going to write a short sentence for everyone who’s too lazy to click the link.

I was bored, I had an idea, BOOM!


1.You’re weird. Keep doing that.

Be yourself. Just be youself.

The people will learn to deal with the weirdness after a while.*winky face+laughing emoji)

2.Keep learning

I had absolutely no clue what I was doing when I started blogging, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO ADD PICTURES TO THE POSTS! But I learnt, and I learnt about Canva, and blogging graphics, and how it’s important to add tags to your posts so they’re easy for people to find. And I still learn everyday, whether it’s on Youtube or on TV or when my friends tell me the drama I’ve missed:I learn.


-Jenny In Neverland





I’m back….

And I have a really important question about food:



You have to be odd to be number one

-Dr Seuss



WOW, let’s just say this is an interesting topic…

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 36 Pics

So what happened was:

It was a normal school day, and I was being savage (as expected) with my friend who we’re going to call Peanut Butter.And we legit just walk up and down this sort of path thingy, anyway I was doing that when these girls (who are pretty much, like… okay, let’s say we’re frenemies) called me over and I was like “Hold on” to Peanut Butter and I walked to them and they’re like “Are you on your period?” and I’m like “That’s a weird question to ask, but lol, no why?” and THEN THEY WAS LIKE “There’s blood on your dress” and because I’m me I did the whole turn around and try to see thii

 dog the simpsons episode 12 season 19 19x12 GIF

And I finally understood, why it was called a heavy flow because the blood had decided to flow on the bottom “half” of my dress. Now this wouldn’t be such a huge issue


I didn’t pass my crush everyday while walking on this path and we fairly long breaks so since I pass him like over 10 times in one break I’m like freaking out because WHAT IF HE SAW but like I need to change before anyone else sees, so what happened was I ran to the office with Peanut Butter and I explained to the lady at the office what had happened and she’s like okay and she told Peanut Butter to run to the thrift shop to get me a dress and she’s like “You guys are practically the same size, so just get a dress that looks like it’ll fit you” and then she lead me into the sick room, where there were two other guys who were actually sick and stuff, so I stood against the wall and waited.

And waited,and waited.

And then Penguin comes into the office with a bunch of his friends, I legit died a little inside like, because bruhh and like thank goodness he didn’t see me in there coz that would’ve lead to questions… )so finally Peanut Butter arrives and I grab  the dress say thank you and dash to the bathroom, like Usain Bolt ain’t got nothing on me.

So I changed into this dress and I was thinking “OMG WHAT IF HE SAW!HOW MANY PEOPLE SAW!” and also I was pretty livid  bloody mad at those girls because they laughed and gossiped about it between themselves. And then later (I was still wearing the oversized dress Peanut Butter brought me) like I was sitting and they were walking past and I got up to  throw something away and they’re like laughing and giggling at me and then one of them is like “How did you mess up your dress again, isn’t that another dress.”

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And I am not an OMG that was mean I wanna cry type of girl, I’m a, now you mad me made move before I punch something (most likely you) type of girl. it sad that I said this to someone one day..? "I find that when I look at you I want to hit you with a brick... Dude, run away before I find a brick."-Arizona

This is why Arizona will forever be my spirit animal.

Anyway, then this happened:


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(In my mind)

Lol, we have a really scary principal, I ain’t about to have a one on one with her because I was educating a girl on the proper way to talk to someone.

So I was just like

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Lol, I didn’t do that either but I walked away.

And then, even though I was in agony, and in a stupid dress that was like quadruple the size of me and school finished at 2 I had to wait till 5ish before getting fetched from school.

Stupid. Irregular.Cycle.

Anywayy, if you’re a guy and you read this,

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oh my gosh what is wrong with me

lol, bye

15 Period Confessions That Literally Every Woman Can Relate To  "You know a period makes you a little irrational when the thought "if I were to stab a knife in my abdomen I would feel better" crosses your mind and seems like viable solution. "     Modern mothers created the idea of the hygienic crisis because they stressed the importance of buying the right "equipment" to avoid the dangers displayed in this image.


Also comment you’re favourite way too stop yourself from beating up mean girls, because like, lol, and also, the year is ending heyy, and people gonna see FLAMES on the last day!

Mystery Blogger Award



Heyyyy! I’m really excited about this post because it was my first nomination ever and it came from my friend bestie Elizabeth!

Okay so first, you guys seriously need to check out her blog because she’s friggen’ awesome!!!

This tag was created by Okoto Enigma

So let’s start with the rules:


• Feature the award logo / image on your post.
• List the rules.
• Thank the blogger that nominated you.
• Tell the readers 3 things about yourself.
• Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
• Answer the questions provided.
• Nominate 10-20 bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog.
• Ask the nominees 5 questions of my choice with one weird / funny question
• Share and link to your best post(s)


  • I’m a vegetarian
  • I’ve always wanted to change my name to Alaska or Arizona
  • I’m in love with Klaus from the Originals


1. What’s the best thing that has happened to you recently ?

2. What do you love most about blogging?

3. If asked to wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be?

4. What food do you see others enjoy that you never dream of eating?

5. If you found out you are to die tomorrow what regrets would you have ?


  1. The best thing that’s happened to me recently? That’s a hard one, but I’d have to say reconnecting with a friend I had a fight with and reading and replying to all the lovely comments I’ve been receiving about my “So This Happened” post!
  2. Oh my, the questions just keep getting harder. Uhm, I love the idea that somehow I inspire people and also the fact that I’ve made some pretty amazing friends along the way! Reading other people’s blogs has also been huge fun, just a quick shoutout to all y’all coz you’re the best and I love you!!
  3. BLUE! BLUE! BLUE!BLUE! AND MORE BLUE! Also I just realised I don’t own anything blue. Which is ironic seeing as it’s my favourite colour.

4.Sushi. I have this one memory that I can’t get over and it like still haunts me. I was in grade 1 and we were talking about our favourite foods with the teacher in class. And this one boy who we’re going to call Pumpkin, says “My favourite food is Sushi!”  and little, mean, ignorant me decided to say, in the loudest voice EVER “BLEURGH!! SUSHI’S THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!” And the teacher, my favourite teacher in the entire world looked at me and said, “That isn’t very nice” and those 4 words broke my heart. After that I apologised to Pumpkin, but ever since that day I’ve remembered that moment. Funny enough, I had never tried Sushi when I said that and then I did.


But in one simple sentence, my favourite food is Sushi.

5.I have many motto’s in life but this is one that’s stuck with me throughout:

“No regrets”

Sure I could’ve done more but I lived a bloody awesome life, so regrets? They don’t exist for me.



  1. What is one thing you need to forgive yourself for?
  2. Would you ever break the law to save a loved one?
  3. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  4. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?
  5. What’s your favourite place to go to?
  6. Would you rather eat chocolate flavoured poop or poop flavoured chocolate?


My Best Post:

I’ve written loads of amazing blog posts, tbh ever since I started this blog I’ve written A LOT MORE than what I’m used to. I’ve worked with so many wonderful bloggers and I’ve written pieces about the randomest things that have ended up blowing me away!

1.Girl Talk 

This was my first ever collab and it was with someone very special to me, Claire. And I remember feeling so proud when I pressed that publish button, and we both worked super hard on it and it really is just a testament to how great of a writer she is! I look up to her so much, and she honestly is one of my biggest inspirations plus I lover her to bits!

2. So this happened

You guys showed so much support about the whole post, the comments legit left me gobsmacked! Also I’ve never used that word in my life(proof of your awesomeness). I didn’t plan the post, I just watched a video, sat down on my bed, wrote a blog post about my thoughts and I got some of the kindest, sweetest, funniest comments I have EVER read! You guys really are the best!!!

3. All the others

I have so many memories about the random stuff I’ve got to share with you, honestly those are my kind of memories ❤ Starting this blog has been such a big step and also the fact that all this started because I was bored is pretty astounding. So to all you were bored and found this blog remember: great things come from boredom and ice-cream,but mostly ice-cream.

Untitled design (1).png

I hope you enjoyed this, it was really fun to make and I know it’s sounds weird or lame or whatever but I feel so honoured that anyone would ever think of nominating me for a tag! So thanks, again Elizabeth xx

If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments(I’m thinking of doing a Q and A)

Also today’s my birthday!Now I can actually tell people I’m 13 without my mom going “She’s twelve.”

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If today’s your birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If it’s not, sorry. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it’s 2 am so I’m going back to bed!!


Escape the ordinary x