Welcome to Seventeen Wishes!

I did a post a while back about all the changes that were happening this was after I decided to change the name to Seventeen Wishes and changing my URL was one of the first things I talked about. And I did! I changed my header, I designed my header! And I wanted to change my URL and now I have and it feels great! I feel like this year although school has been very draining and I’m sick has been my year of awesomeness! I’ve been trying new things, being more organised, sticking to a planner, working hard,blogging( and it seems crazy to think I only started blogging this year because I feel as if I’ve been doing this my whole life) it’s been great! I just wanted to let you guys know all this because I’ve been gong on about it for a bit and I’m really proud of what I’ve produced! I think this is the last or one of the last things I’ll change, I want to rewrite my about me page and jazz that up a little! Thank you so much for all the support, you guys are the best!

You are what you seek