My Fitness Routine💪

Hey! My fitness routine is a post I wanted to put up ages ago, but I haven’t really had the time or been in a workout mood so it didn’t make sense to. However, I recently completed three of my fitness goals which I am super happy about! 1) 25 burpees 2) 25 push-ups 3) this wasn’t really a goal, just something that happened so yeah, 300 starjumps in a row! My fitness routine is fairly simple it pushes me to do my best and once that becomes easy I find things that push me further.

This is on a weekend or a holiday because during school I only have an hour to get ready and I wake up at five so I’m pretty tired. I’m still in the process of figuring a morning and night routine out so this is basically the start of me figuring out my routines.

9:00 Wake up and stretch

9:15 Remind myself to workout before I shower, you wouldn’t believe how many times this has happened😂

9:30 Check what’s happening in the wonderful,world of blogging

9:45 Begin workout

I don’t really go in an order but what I like to do is randomly pick one with my eyes closed and then go from there.

100 Starjumps

25 push-ups

1 Minute Plank

Alternating Lunges

What I like to do is repeat positive things aloud, when I start to feel the burn and want to stop eg. I’M DOING THIS FOR ME! I WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T GIVE UP!I’M NOT TRYING TO BUILD A SUMMER BODY, I’M TRYING TO BUILD A LIFESTYLE! You can find more on my Fitness board on Pinterest

25 Burpees

Opposite Arm and Leg Lifts

30 Sit-ups (THESE ARE MY FAVES💙💙💙💙)

Squats with a side kick

20 Mountain Climbers

After that Eat then shower

It’s simple and I like it that way because I don’t have to go on Google in order to find out what a starjump is, I just know. And if you find yourself in need of Google, Google it ,find a picture and then save that on a Word document with the name of the exercise(because how I am supposed to remeber what a Russian twist is)


We got this