8 Things I learnt from “Girl Meets World”

When Girl Meets World ended, I was crushed! No longer would I wait for new episodes to show because there would be none. Girl Meets World is one of the best shows I have ever watched and I am eternally grateful to the geniuses behind it. Throughout Girl Meets World you feel connected to the characters and that in itself is immensely powerful, I have learnt so much and that’s why I want to share things I learnt from watching Girl Meets World.

  1. The Secret of Life- People Change People
  2. Never let society and the labels people give you define you
  3. Fight for your beliefs
  4. Beauty isn’t the only important thing in this world
  5. Broken things can still be beautiful
  6. True love exists
  7. Learn from the past
  8. We need to circle the people we love for as long as they’re here