Describing the most influential person in my life

There are people who will come into your life and hurt you leaving you feel empty and alone.

There are people who come into your life and make you so happy that you don’t feel tired enough to write them a letter when you should be sleeping, don’t ever let these people go! When I first started blogging I had no clue what I was doing, but I went with the flow and one thing I really wanted to do was collab because that’s a great way to learn more about someone. And one day I was scrolling through my email when I saw that someone followed me and I was ecstatic because the fact that someone even takes time to read your posts is an accomplishment and it was Claire and I know you might think I’m only writing this because she wrote something about me but I was gonna start writing this tomorrow, anyway that isn’t important what’s important is that…

Somebody created the internet and I’m sure that at the beginning it was just a way to find out stuff but the internet is so much more than that because you meet the most prodigious( guys when you feel inspired enough to look up big words) people. I write because I want to be part of the reason people don’t feel alone, I want to be the person who made you laugh or smile or brightened up your day or made you think about an issue and feel that it was so important you would be willing to fight for it eg. Animal rights (a later post perhaps).  I’m getting a bit off topic, back to her. And the truth is I wanted this to be the most beautifully written piece ever but the truth is there is only one word to describe one  the most influential person I know: Claire  and that’s as accurate as it gets. I’m so excited to work with her in the future and learn more about her because she really is the funniest person I know and Trevor Noah coz he just kills me😂😂 Find someone/something who makes you feel special, or people who think you’re special and you better be one of those people and like I’ve said before LIVE, discover yourself and remember that life is your story,it is your movie and you are the director, the producer, the actress, the stagehand, the actor, the writer so film it and try not to leave anything important out and splurge on yourself when you need to because you deserve it.

Claire, sorry I tried not very good at descriptions😭

This is why we are buying you a dictionary for your birthday

Did my mind just say it was buying us a present? And did it imply it was more than one person or mind!?

But love you ❤


“Friends? Nah she’s my sister”

Oh I forgot to mention because I’m me and we’re a fam we are related


Love you guys ❤💫