All my bad habits

1.Biting my nails 

I started when I was 3 and haven’t been able to stop unless I have bitter nail polish which I really need to buy. I bite them when I’m bored,angry,nervous and I really want to stop

2.Shouting (talking at my normal tempo) and “whispering loudly”


I talk loud and sometimes when I whisper people claim they can hear me on the opposite side of the room and somehow manage to quote my exact words😂😂

3. Keeping quiet when my parents shout at me and then not talking to anyone for days

Why should I talk if I’m just gonna get myself into more trouble?

4.Biting my lips

I get bored, I get nervous

This was quite short because I don’t have that many bad habits but I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know down below what your bad habits are!🤗

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